Project Description


The independent wing system slides inside a top mounted track. The wings are then stacked away in specially designed parking bays, which are parallel or perpendicular to the sliding tracks.
The system allows for an unlimited number of wings and the possibility of segmented installation with very low curve radii.
Thanks to the use of a patch fittings system with small interchangeable covers, extremely light glass surfaces can be created with the possibility of choosing between aluminium and stainless steel finishes.
Maximum size of each individual wing is 1000x3000x12 mm. The maximum weight is 85 kg and possible thicknesses are 10-12-12,76 mm.
Junior 700 adds to the Junior system the power clamping of the rails that raise up to 100kg the maximum weight allowed.
The Junior 800 further more enlarge the solution possibilities at total height installations up to 1500×4000 (WxH) glass wing dimensions in other words 180kg as maximum weight aloowed.