Designed and built to satisfy the requirements of the most demanding designer, it features an extremely large number of items and possible design solutions for tempered glass ot tempered laminated glass installations.
The interchangeable covers that determine its aesthetic aspect are available in all materials: anodised aluminium in a wide array of colours, brass and stainless steel polished or satin finish. Thanks to a high modularity system, the bodies of some items may vary their function many folds.
Can carry out as many as 32 functionsin the most extreme of cases.
The applications referring to the thickness of the glass are numerous as well, and in some unique cases, 10/12/15/19 mm..
In the event of higher values, we recommend to consult our sales office.

The range of items also includes offset fittings for single acting doors and complete solutions for arched doors,a complete set of interior doors hinges and locks and massive stainless steel hinges for monumental doors.