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Glass Wall Technology Top Hung Operable Glass Walls

Glass Wall Technology

Glass Wall Technology (GWT) is a manufacturing firm specializing in top hung operable glass wall systems. These top hung operable glass walls can be either bi-folding or individual stacking systems, and are unique in that they use only small discreet patch fittings in lieu of full top and bottom rails. This allows for the maximum allowable viewing area with no bulky horizontal or vertical mullions to obstruct the client’s vision.

The use of small discreet patch fittings allows for many additional benefits for the customer. When using a patch fitting system, the glass determines the sizing for each individual panel. This allows for material to be ordered and ship to the jobsite while waiting for final finished opening sizes. When final sizes are determined then the tempered glass can be ordered from a regionally affiliated tempered glass manufacturer. The only fabrication required at the jobsite is to cut the top track to the proper length. The most important benefit in using a patch fitting type wall systems is the cost effectiveness. Patch fitting systems can trim significant costs off the budget for these types of operable glass walls.

"Invisible Connection" Bi-folding Glass Wall System Series 500

The "Invisible Connection" bi-folding glass wall system incorporates hinges which connect each panel and allows the whole wall to be moved completely out of sight. By simply unlocking the interior flush bolt between every two panels, the wall can be moved to the side in one motion. This allows for fast, easy and efficient operation of the wall and does not require the handling by specialized maintenance personnel.

"Clear Connection" Individual Stacking
Glass Wall System
Series 700

The "Clear Connection" individual stacking glass wall incorporates top patch fittings that are connected to top roller assemblies, which allows each individual panel to move along a top track system. These individual glass panels can then be stacked into either a perpendicular or parallel stacking parking bay. Because each panel moves individually, this allows for much larger glass panels and for curved walls with flat-segmented glass panels.

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