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Frameless Glass Entry Systems

In 1942, CASMA began designing and manufacturing hydraulic floor closers in Magenta, Italy. Then in 1953, CASMA extended its product line, becoming the first company worldwide to engineer and manufacture both floor closers and a complete range of fittings for unframed tempered glass doors. CASMA's long experience in this field is expressed in our more than 160 international patents and a vast selection of over 2,500 different fittings for all glass door assemblies.

Today, over 120,000 doors are equipped with CASMA products, each year gracing modern buildings in over 64 countries of Europe, the Middle and Far East, and North and South America. CASMA products offer state of the art technology and sober elegance, and our matchless service is a well known fact in many countries. It is easy to see why you should seriously consider making your doors extremely user friendly while enhancing the appearance of your all glass assemblies with a striking touch of original Italian design, where functions, forms and proportions gracefully blend together.

Prestige Patch Fittings Click here for details.

  • - Unparalleled quality.
  • - Over 2,500 different fittings.
  • - Custom hardware built to design specifications.
  • - Available in standard and all custom finishes.
  • - Over 160 patents in 45 countries.

Speedy Floor Checks

  • - ANSI tested grade I.
  • - Maximum adjustability.
  • - Dual valve adjustment.
  • - Interchangeable spindle heads.
  • - High efficiency.
  • - Disabled accessible models for ADA handicap applications.

Strong Points


    CASMA has devoted over 50 years to design and development of hardware systems exclusively for frameless tempered glass door assemblies, adapting products to the local requirements and traditions of each country.


    Multifunctional fittings, one with over 32 different functions, that make the stocking of CASMA fittings the easiest and most cost effective option on the market. All covers are interchangeable and available in a wide variety of alloys and finishes, such as brass, stainless steel, aluminum anodized or powder coated in any color, thus harmonizing any interior or
    exterior décor.


    Up to ten years' warranty or 4 million opening/closing cycles, made possible by over 50 years of field testing on over two million doors throughout the world, plus severe in-plant inspections.


    90% of all the innovations in the entire frameless glass door assemblies industry during the last 50 years were brought to the market by CASMA. This innovation trend is expected to continue well into the next century.

GSM Genuine Styling Modules by Giugiaro Design

The GSM system is the latest creation of CASMA and famed Italian car stylist Giugiaro Design. Discerning consumers entrust their images to Italian designers in their choice of clothing, cars, furnishings, and accessories. Why not lend the same distinctive, exclusive taste to your tempered glass door assemblies?

GSM represents a five year investment in research and development and is the latest in a wide range of CASMA's world firsts. GSM combines leading edge technology with genuine styling, elegant refinement and a discriminating selection of materials such as carbon fiber, titanium, and magnesium.

The GSM system can be used to enhance any tradition frameless glass entrance by adding unique Italian design to any retail storefront, corporate headquarters or upscale residential unit. Why not take your new design project and add the flair of Giugiaro Designs?

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